To create; to infer; to create or bring to light by construction or interpretation. To cause or procure to be produced, bred or propagated. To bring together; to get together or obtain for use or service; to gather; to collect; to levy, as to raise money by levying taxes; to increase income by increasing salary, wages, or commissions. To solicit, secure or otherwise obtain funds for a given purpose, organization, charity, etc. To alter the amount of an instrument such as a negotiable instrument by changing the face value to a higher amount.
See also raised check
@ raise an issue
To bring pleadings to an issue; to have the effect of producing an issue between the parties pleading in an action
@ raise a presumption
To give occasion or ground for a presumption; to be of such a character, or to be attended with such circumstances, as to justify an inference or presumption of law. Thus, a person's silence, in some instances, will "raise a presumption" of his consent to what is done.
See also presumption
@ raised check
A demand negotiable instrument, the face amount of which has been increased, generally without authority of the drawer and hence fraudulently. Such change constitutes a material alteration under U.C.C. No. 3-407(lXc).
See also rasure
@ raise revenue
To levy a tax, as a means of collecting revenue; to bring together, collect, or levy revenue
@ raising a promise
The act of the law in extracting from the facts and circumstances of a particular transaction a promise which was implicit therein, and postulating it as a ground of legal liability
@ raising a use
Creating, establishing, or calling into existence a use. Thus, if a man conveyed land to another in fee, without any consideration, equity would presume that he meant it to be to the use of himself, and would, therefore, raise an implied use for his benefit
@ raising portions
In old English law, when a landed estate was settled on an eldest son, it was generally burdened with the payment of specific sums of money in favor of his brothers and sisters. A direction to this effect was called a direction for "raising portions for younger children;" and, for this purpose, it was usual to demise or lease the estate to the required portions by a sale or mortgage of the same

Black's law dictionary. . 1990.

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